Concrete in Sudbury

Eco Concrete is a trusted source of affordable and precisely mixed concrete in Sudbury. We use advanced volumetric truck technology to reduce waste and costs for residential and commercial projects across the city.

Trusted Local Concrete Services For Over 15 Years

Over 15 years, we’ve provided quality concrete for all types of residential, commercial and municipal projects.

On the residential side, we’ve become specialists in concrete solutions for home driveways, foundations, garages, basements and more. Our precise mix designs ensure your residential concrete has the proper strength, texture and appearance to suit both functional and aesthetic needs. Many Sudbury homeowners choose us to create beautiful exposed aggregate driveways and improve curb appeal.

For commercial clients, we deliver exceptional service and advice from initial consultation through complex installation. We’ve partnered with local warehouses, factories, high-rises and infrastructure firms – providing customised concrete to meet unique specifications across a range of loading capacity, compressive strength, chemical resistance and architectural requirements.

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Why Choose Eco Concrete?

• Precision Mixed On-Site – Our volumetric truck technology mixes exact quantities needed for your pour to reduce waste. • Customise strength and viscosity.
• Personal Service – As a family company, we treat each client like one of our own and take pride in the relationships we build.
• Affordable Pricing – Only pay for what you need with our volumes of metric concrete. Get an upfront free quote for materials.

15 Years of Experience – We’ve supplied quality concrete for over 500 home driveways, parking garages, factories, bridges and water tunnels across the Sudbury region.

Custom Mixing For Your Job

Our advanced volumetric trucks can precisely mix concrete on-site, allowing us to tune your concrete across:

• Strength – Matching precisely to structural requirements
• Consistency – Optimising pour, flow and finish
• Setting Times – Accelerating or delaying as required

Contact Us For a Custom Quote

Whatever your concrete project, residential or commercial, big or small – call our Sudbury concrete experts at 01473 839 125 for a free quote and custom recommendations tailored to your job site’s needs!

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Overall, ready mixed concrete is a versatile and reliable building material that can be used in a wide range of domestic construction and renovation projects. With the right supplier and equipment, homeowners can achieve professional-quality results and create long-lasting and durable structures and features for their homes.

Frequently Asked Questions

With proper installation and some care over time, a concrete driveway can last over 30 years. We use techniques to provide maximum longevity.

Patio costs depend on size, design, preparation needed and materials used. We provide custom quotes – speak to us about your vision and budget.

Yes, we can add decorative patterns like slate, stone and brick to existing patios and driveways using stamping. This instantly upgrades worn concrete.

Sealing concrete is crucial to protect against damage and discoloration from weather, spills and daily use. We advise applying high quality sealant once concrete has cured for >30 days.

With the right mix design, concrete is incredibly strong under compression – able to withstand thousands of pounds per square inch. Speak to us about strength requirements for your project.