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What is a C20 Concrete Mix?

Concrete has many types and more strength grades than you might think. Read on to learn more about what a C20 concrete mix is.

Concrete comes in different strengths, or different grades of material. C20 is a specific type which we can use for both domestic and commercial projects. Whether you are a construction company in Ipswich or a person who just wants nice concrete slabs in the garden of your Suffolk home, C20 will do the trick. Keep reading to find out what you need to know about C20 concrete and how you use it.

What is C20 Concrete?

The C20 mark stands for the Compression Resistance rate of the concrete. For C20, it is always a compression resistance rate of 20 N/mm2 per square meter over 28 days. There are many different grades of concrete which feature different resistances, from C7 to C40. C7 is the weakest grade and C40 can withstand the most pressure over time. C20 therefore sits somewhere in the middle of the scale, allowing for both domestic and commercial projects.

Are C20 and GEN3 Concrete the Same?

A C20 concrete is the same strength as a GEN3 concrete, which just stands for General concrete grade 3. Grade C20 or GEN3 concrete both have a similar strength. GEN 3 and C20 are the same grade of concrete. GEN3 has the highest volume of cement in the mix by comparison to other types of concrete. A C20 takes two parts cement, whereas a standard mix on site contract would take 1 part cement.

What’s the Ratio for Mixing C20 Concrete?

Wondering how you mix C20 concrete? Use the standard 4:2:1 to work out how much concrete you will need. Use four parts of gravel or rough aggregate to two parts fine aggregate to one part cement. This will give you the basic blend for C20 concrete. If you mix and pour the C20 by yourself, you can mix the concrete to whichever strength or consistency that you like. This is just one of many benefits of mixing your concrete onsite. Remember, you can use our concrete calculator to help you work out the volume of concrete you might need.

Can C20 Concrete Be Sustainable?

Absolutely. When you begin with the correct materials, any concrete can become sustainable. There is an easy way to do this. If you begin with recycled aggregates taken from demolition sites throughout Suffolk, you can put those materials through an industrial crushing machine. A crusher will smash the rock down to a particular grain, chosen based on what you want the end result to be. The stone can even become crushed into a fine powder, used as cement. You can also get gravel and rough aggregate by recycling the building materials from demolition projects.

What do You Use C20 Concrete For?

C20 or GEN3 concrete has a number of uses both in commercial and domestic sites. It is lightweight yet high strength, which makes it perfect for driveways, pathways, and creating solid foundations for ongoing building projects. It is a reliable concrete that won’t let you down on any building project.

To find out more about C20 concrete you can call Eco Concrete Ltd, who supply Suffolk and Ipswich residents with recycled aggregates and sustainably sourced cements. Get in touch for a free quote, today.

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