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Is It Cheaper to Mix and Pour Your Own Concrete?

Mixing your concrete on site is an attractive alternative to ready made pre-mix. But can choosing a concrete you mix and pour yourself save you money?

If you want to save money during your construction project, mixing and pouring your own concrete on site seems like the obvious solution. When you choose Eco Concrete Ltd for your commercial or domestic concrete build, you save money and use a sustainably sourced concrete mix. Our cement and aggregates come from recycled building materials, allowing you to create an immaculate concrete finish with a high strength and quality, while still meeting your companies carbon footprint targets.

What’s the difference between concrete and cement?

Here at Eco Concrete Ltd we hear this question most days. While the two words are often used to describe concrete, it is important that you do understand the distinction if you are using concrete at home. Cement is the fine powder of crushed stone that makes up one of the vital ingredients within concrete. So the two are not the same. It is cement, aggregates and water which make concrete, so concrete is the end product whether you order pre-mix concrete or whether you mix and pour it yourself.

Does Sustainable Concrete Cost Less?

Yes. Recycled aggregates and recycled cement both operate as a viably cheaper alternative than a standard aggregate or cement you will use in concrete mixing. Whether you mix and pour the concrete yourself or not, sustainable concrete is better for both your pocket, and your project.

Is it Cheaper to Mix and Pour Your Own Concrete?

Mixing and pouring your concrete on site is far cheaper than a pre-mix concrete. It even works out cheaper than buying prefabricated concrete which is cut to shape for your project. This is because you have far less waste when you both mix and pour it yourself. You can mix exactly the correct amount using our online concrete calculator. This saves you money, time, and energy.

As well as being cheaper in terms of materials, a concrete you mix and pour yourself saves you the cost of hiring a professional operator to mix and pour it for you. As long as you are physically fit and able to, mixing and pouring on your own is the better option. You can mix and pour your own concrete for foundations, driveways, sidewalks, parking lots, floor slabs, and more.

Even better, the concrete you buy from Eco Concrete Ltd features recycled materials, taken from old building projects. This encourages better sustainability in the concrete production industry in Ipswich. Buy your concrete locally and keep your carbon footprint even lower.

Where can you buy concrete in Suffolk?

You can buy high grade cement and aggregates through Eco Concrete Ltd in Suffolk. Our Ipswich branch supplies finest quality recycled aggregates and cements in separate containers, allowing you to mix the volumetric concrete on site, by yourself. Save on materials and then save on manpower by mixing and pouring your own concrete. Contact us online today for a FREE quote or call our friendly team on 01473 839 125. We are delighted to help you with your next concrete project.

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