Is It Cheaper To Use Bags of Concrete?

If you are new to the world of DIY, you might need more concrete for a job than you think you do. But is it cheaper to use bags of concrete or to hire the truck to come out and pour it for you?

DIY projects can take far longer to complete than you think you will need. Even if your building project is part of your job in construction, or if you need it to build a house, you can still ask the question about which is cheaper. Let’s look at the different types of concrete supply you can buy before we talk about which type is cheapest.

The Types of Concrete You Can Buy

The most obvious type of concrete you can buy is volumetric concrete, which is what we produce here at Eco Concrete. We provide the construction industry in Suffolk with the volumetric concrete they need to complete high quality tasks. Volumetric concrete is mixed in large mixers and is mixed by volume, not by weight.

Volumetric concrete comes in different grades, the same as you might buy in bags but already made up to your requirements. The grades of concrete you might get include:

Gen O – C7/8

This is best for domestic projects or retail industry stores. This is a lean mix of wet concrete. Usually made from sand, cement, and water. Other materials maybe mixed into it to give specific effects.

Gen 1 – C10

Usually used in commercial building, Gen 1 is a strong but useful concrete, easily moulded into shapes. This is a popular concrete type for agriculture, too.

Gen 2 – C15

If you are building your house or renovating an old one, and you don’t want carpeting, this kind of concrete can serve as a replacement. Ideal for houses or churches, or any retail establishment that doesn’t need tiles.

Gen 3 – C20

This is a lightweight concrete used for foundation building. It has a high strength and a light weight.


Mostly used in groundworks, Standardised Concrete 2 is used in building things like pavement and home extensions.

Regardless of the type of concrete you choose for your building project, you will want to know which is cheaper: buying pre-mix concrete or buying bags of concrete?

Is it Cheaper to Mix and Pour Your Own Concrete?

The answer depends on the size of the job at hand. It might be that you are cheaper to buy bags of concrete when you have the supplies you need to mix it onsite. On the other hand, if you are not a pro-building company or you don’t have access to that equipment, you are always better buying premix from a specialist company.

How much will a 20kg bac of concrete do?

Expect that one bag of concrete fills an area of 1.1 metres squared to a depth of 10mm or 1 cm. As you can see, buying premix concrete might work out cheaper for all areas.

Where to Buy Premix Concrete?

If you live in the UK and are based in the south, our Suffolk premix concrete business can suit your cement needs. Contact us online for a quote or call 01473 839 125.

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