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What is Mix On Site Concrete?

There are a confusing number of concrete types out there, so read on to learn more about concrete that you or your company can mix on site.

Eco Concrete Ltd are Ipswich’s premiere high quality concrete firm with a focus on sustainability. We provide pre mix and volumetric concrete to commercial sites, the construction industry, and domestic customers, so we are placed perfectly to answer your questions about mix on site concrete. Let’s start with the basics before we examine the pros and cons.

What is Mix On Site Concrete?

Using volumetric mixers, each of the compounds involved in mix on site concrete are stored in separate containers. Unlike pre-mix concrete, which shows up in a mixing truck, ready to pour, the concrete will show up in composite parts which you then use drum mixers to mix yourself.

Using onsite mixing you can mix the concrete to your desired consistency instead of relying on prefab concrete or using a special aggregate. You mix exactly what you need and when you need it. There is less waste and the process becomes more ecologically friendly. You can use our on page concrete calculator to work out how much concrete you might need for your space.

When Might You Use Mix On Site/ Volumetric Concrete?

Any construction project can benefit from mix on site concrete. This method improves the quality of your concrete because you get to mix it to your exact specifications. You only make up the volume you need, you decide on the strength and the water content, and you can pour it exactly where you need it. When you have a construction project which only needs small volumes consistently over time, mix on site is the better option.

What are the 3 Ingredients for Mix On Site concrete?

There are three parts to mixing concrete. You will need 1 part cement to two parts water and four parts aggregate (1:2:4). The final ingredient is the air that you mix into the concrete using the drum.

The Pros and Cons of Mixing Your Concrete On Site

There are pros and cons of mixing your concrete on site.

The Pros:

  • You can mix onsite concrete to your desired consistency.
  • You mix as much as you need at a time, thereby saving waste and money.
  • It is a cost-effective solution for all building project types.
  • You won’t need to facilitate a van mixing the premade concrete on site.
  • You can easily mix concrete for small areas at a time.
  • You decide on the strength, water balance, and aggregates used.

The Cons:

  • It’s more labour intensive than premix.
  • You need a drum.

Where to Buy Mix On Site Concrete in Suffolk?

You can order mix on site concrete from Eco Concrete Ltd to ensure you receive a high quality product. We supply commercial concrete for construction sites or landscaping, and domestic concrete for those home projects, too. Contact us online today or call us, on 01473 839 125, to speak to one of our concrete experts today.

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