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How Do Volumetric Conc Mixers Work?

Our skilled recycled aggregate concrete team use volumetric mixers to keep the premix concrete wet until we deliver it directly to your site. But how do the volumetric mixers even work? Read on to learn more.

Volumetric concrete mixers help companies like Eco Concrete to mix vast quantities of concrete in one batch. Once our mixers achieve the grade strength they are supposed to, we can store the premix wet concrete in large vats ready to ship straight to the client, as they need it. We use recycled aggregate which keeps our concrete sustainable, and we offer excellent prices to stay competitive in the market. Even though we are the most reliable brand for volumetric concrete in the Suffolk area, clients still ask questions about how we make our concrete and what the word “volumetric” actually means, so here is an explanation.

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How does a volumetric mixer work?

A volumetric concrete mixer uses all the same ingredients as a standard concrete mix might. The only main difference is that instead of mixing the water, aggregate and cement in one go, the volumetric mixer adds each separate ingredient automatically until the desired consistency is achieved. It is called volumetric concrete because it is mixed based on set volumes of raw ingredients it uses to make concrete.

A good visual representation of this is in the concrete mixing trucks you see when you are out on the roads. These mixers are ginormous and can mix each ingredient to the required grade while they are moving, or even while they are onsite at your project, making up concrete for you project. Mixing the materials in this way spares waste, helps reduce costs, and saves a small fortune in manpower.

Is volumetric concrete worth it? Absolutely. There are far less costs involved that there are when you use bags of dried material.

What’s the difference between a volumetric mixer and a drum mixer?

The chief difference between the volumetric mixers and drum mixers lies in the system through which the ingredients blend. Yes, a drum and a truck both churn the same way. However, a drum mixer is an open mixer which you need to add the ingredients to, a little at a time. The volumetric mixer does this for you, so you save time and money.

How much concrete is in a volumetric lorry?

Here in the UK, you can fit roughly 26 tonnes of concrete into a large mixing truck. The premix inside a mixing truck is always wet concrete which we transport to building sites and residential areas for construction projects. Since it is both mobile and ready to pour, all you have to do is order it in the grade that you require and Eco Concrete will deliver it directly to your site.

If you don’t know how much concrete you need, you can use our concrete calculator to find out.

Where to buy concrete in Suffolk?

You can buy a better quality of concrete from Eco Concrete Ltd here in Great Blakenham. Contact us for a quote and we can deliver your concrete anywhere you need it and directly to your site, ready to pour. Save yourself money spent on labour and hiring machinery by letting us take care of it for you. You can read more about our recycled aggregate concrete on our about us page.

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