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Is It Cheaper To Buy Or Mix Your Own Concrete?

Buying premix concrete and mixing your own concrete for residential, construction, or commercial use, are two sides of the same coin. But what’s cheaper?

Let the Eco Concrete Ltd team talk you through your options by contacting us today for a quote. The only way to find out what will be cheaper for your piece of land or building project is to call around for estimates from premix concrete suppliers near you. If you live in Suffolk or Essex, there is only one call you really need to make, and that’s to Eco Concrete Ltd. Our premix volumetric concrete turns up on site, ready to pour where you tell us to. It contains texture to your requirements and we can change the grade via our premix trucks, should you need GEN 0, 1, or 2 in concrete consistency.

Is it Cheaper to Buy Your Own Cement?

This question needs to be broken down before we can sensibly answer it. When you ask this, you are confusing cement with concrete. Cement is one of the vital ingredients which makes concrete. It is made of finely ground up rocks and minerals, while concrete is made of cement, water, and aggregates. You can read more about it on our previous blog.

Is it Cheaper to Buy Bags of Concrete and Mix it Yourself?

When you require bags of dry cement for a building project, the problem is that you must mix it yourself. This may mean hiring extra trades people to help you or hiring a volumetric mixer onsite. Each bag of dried cement covers an area of 1.1 metres squared to a depth of 10mm.

Is it Cheaper to Order Concrete Premixed For You?

Premixed concrete has many advantages, not least of all that it is less labour intensive on your part. The area it covers is calculable on our concrete calculator. The formula for working our what you need is length x width x thickness of the area required. It is far faster than premix bags, so you save money on the labour end. In addition our eco concrete has much less environmental impact than others in Suffolk, since we commit to recycled aggregates wherever possible. Since it is recycled, Eco Concrete premix volumetric concrete is a little cheaper, too.

Mixing Your Own Concrete Vs Delivery of Premix Concrete

There is nothing wrong with mixing concrete yourself. This is how humans managed for generations. However, modern technology is advancing to make our lives easier. Volumetric wet concrete allows you to pour where you need it, to the exact depth, preventing you from paying for something you didn’t buy. It can help you save money through equipment hire, machinery hire, employee time, and waste. There is no leftover concrete when you hire from Eco Concrete. You only pay for what you need.

Where to Buy Concrete in Suffolk?

As well as being cheaper in the long run, premix concrete from Eco Concrete, UK, comes to you. Simply aim and pour. It is as simple a process as you can get. Contact the Eco Concrete team today to discuss commercial or domestic concrete supplies near you, or read our about story to learn more about what we do.

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